The Kwajalein Atoll International Sportfishing Club (KAISC) has been in existence since the early 1990s. Located at Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands, approximately 2,500 miles Southwest of Hawaii. We currently have approximately 100 members - anglers who enjoy trolling the waters of Kwajalein Atoll in hopes of landing the big one!

Species of fish most commonly caught trolling the waters at Kwajalein include Marlin (Blue & Black Marlin), Wahoo/Ono, Yellowfin Tuna, Dogtooth, Aku, Cawa Cawa, Rainbow Runner and Barracuda. Although it's a rare occasion, anglers will occasionally bring in a Sailfish or Spearfish.

KAISC sponsors a variety of fishing derbies and tournaments throughout the year. In May of 2007, KAISC also launched the Kwajalein Atoll Sportfishing Records Program, providing a mechanism for the recording and tracking of Kwajalein's finest catches.

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